Winter wedding procession

Despite the fact that the “wedding boom” falls on the warm months of the year, winter is not less than a wonderful time for a wedding: the snow kingdom glitters in the sun with a myriad of colorful sparks, the bottomless blue sky above your head creates a magical festive mood, a sense of mystery ... surrounded by fluttering snowflakes like a snow queen. New collections of wedding dresses are also delivered to salons during the winter months, and since there are no queues for them, the bride has a great chance to choose a warmed dress that is perfect for winter and not limit yourself to the styles that remain.

For the same reason, this is a great time to choose a wedding procession, you can choose the right option, because the choice is really huge: starting with chic limousines, which today are equal to the classics, and ending with carriages and even teams of horses with sledges covered with furs, decorated with ribbons and bells!

If we talk about the classic tuple, then feel free to choose the "king of tuples" - a limousine. The capacity of such cars ranges from 4 people to 20 (!) In the grand 14-meter Hummer H2 Ultra Stretch Aladdin. Retro cars are also popular: Cadillac, domestic Volga, Pobeda, Chaika. If you want luxury, then exclusive services are at your service: Ferrari, Maybach, Rolls-Royce ... Heated seats and climate control will turn a trip even into severe frosts into true pleasure!

For the bride and groom who dream of a truly royal, fabulously bright, memorable wedding, the ideal solution would be a carriage pulled by a two or four snow-white horses. What girl in childhood did not imagine herself in the place of a fairy-tale princess, did she dream to be her for a moment? Wedding with a loved one - just the very case when dreams come true! Agree, a snow-white gilded coach, driven by a driver in livery, driving along the street, will attract so many admiring glances and attention that the limousine does not stand up to any competition! In the carriage you will create a real sensation, and at least once in your life, but your dream of a fairy tale will become a reality! In the carriage, you can also not be afraid of the cold - modern princesses are lucky: today the carriages have modern heating systems. The only drawbacks are that if the road is covered with snow, the carriage simply will not pass, you can get bogged down in the snow, and if it is too cold outside, you will not be able to use the open carriage, and you will look at the delighted faces of the passers-by from the small window.

You and only you can give each other a fairy tale on this day, memories of which will accompany you all your life together! escort service