Guild Wars: Prophecies Walkthrough Tips - Main Quests # 012

Sir Bertrand (Skills)


Warrior Tidus

Quest: The King's Message.Gather a party in the city of Ascalon.Sir Tidus recommends bringing you Alesia.Go to Old Ascalon.Deliver the Royal Message to Ambassador Zain.(Gather a team in the city of Ascalon. Sir Tidus recommends taking Alesia, who can heal. Go to Old Ascalon. Deliver the royal message to Ambassador Zain.) Reward: 100 experience points, War Hammer (Blunt Damage: 11-17, Req. 3 Hammer Mastery, Two-handed).

Main quest: defend the wall.Speak with Squire Zaheri at the Great Northern Wall.(Talk to Squire Sachers on the Great North Wall).Reward: 500 experience points

Quest: Scavengers in Old Ascalon.Travel to the ruins of Old Ascalon.Remove all scavengers.Return to Warmaster Tidus for your reward.(Go to the ruins of Old Ascalon. Kill all the scavengers. Return to Warmaster Tidus for the prize).Reward: 500 experience points, Battel's Ax (Dmg: 5-12 Req. 3 Ax Mastery).

Quest: Recruit for Hollis.Travel from the city to Old Ascalon and find the army recruits.Guide all three recruits west along the wall to the far gate and present them to the Gateguard Halls.Return to Gate Guard Hollis and receive your reward.(Exit the city to Old Ascalon and find an army of recruits. Guide all three recruits along the wall to a further gate and report them to the Gateguard Hall. Return to the Gateguard Hall for a prize).Reward: 500 xp, Focusing Items (Energy +6 Requires 5 Healing Prayers).

Quest: problematic artifact.Starting at the border gate, follow the road south across the East border to Pockmark Flats.Return to Sorcerer Master Tidus to receive your reward.(Starting at the border gate, follow the road south across the Eastern border to Pockmark Flats. Return to Wyrmaster Tydus for the prize.) Reward: 500 xp, Focus Item (Energy +6 Required 5 Healing Prayers).

Baron Egan (Guild Registrar) - Registers a new guild.

Nolan (Guild Emblem) - Here you can create a drawing of the guild colors visible later on the coat.

Quest: Fires in the East.Find Charr Lights northeast of the Border Gate.Kill the Keeper of the Flame and extinguish the fire.(Find the Charr lights northeast of the Border Gate. Kill the Flame Keeper and extinguish the fire.) Reward: 500 experience points, Striking Staff (Energy +4, Light Damage: 3-4 requirements. 4 Striking Prayers, two-handed), Long Sword(Crushing damage: 7-10 requirements, 4 sword skills). There's a perfect way to play bongo online casino with great bonuses and much more