Renovation of apartments

Recently, the purchase of housing without interior decoration has been in great demand. This purchase of apartments has several advantages compared with the purchase of housing, in which an overhaul has already been fully made.

First, such apartments are much cheaper than apartments with interior decoration. Secondly, there is no need to alter according to your taste the repair that has already been done. In this case, in addition to finishing work, there are many difficulties with dismantling.

The first and most important step in the repair of turnkey apartments is the drafting of a design project for a new apartment. since the apartment at the time of the project is an absolutely empty room, the flight of imagination of designers and architects in this case has no boundaries. And therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly coordinate all the nuances of the forthcoming turnkey repair in specialized instances. All these rather troublesome and time-consuming activities for the customer should be taken over by companies that make turnkey apartment repairs.

Turnkey apartment renovation is fundamentally different from such types of repairs, such as cosmetic. The turnkey renovation of apartments is a complex, time-consuming process that includes a whole range of works.

 Redecoration is a partial change in the design, the addition or removal of any finishing touches, the replacement of outdated or unusable finishing material with a newer one. On the contrary, a turnkey apartment renovation is a change in the dwelling in principle, which may include a complete redevelopment and replacement (installation) of communications.

Turnkey apartment renovation works begin with the installation of all engineering and communications systems. These include: cold and hot water supply, heating, sewage, ventilation, electrical wiring. In addition, the initial phase of the repair of the apartment turnkey includes the installation of telephone, television and other means of communication.

This is followed by draft and installation work. Draft works include installing screeds, leveling ceilings, walls and floors, installing doors and windows. The installation of the doors, in turn, includes not only the installation of the entrance door, but also the hanging of all interior doors, according to the repair project.

After the rough work, painting and plastering and finishing works are performed. These include: painting walls or wallpapering them, facing with ceramic tiles, laying the floor covering, decorating the ceiling and others. At this stage, much depends on the financial condition and imagination of the customer, because the choice of finishing material today is limitless. For example, wall decoration can be done with the help of painting, wallpapering, decorative plastering and other types. The wallpaper types alone are countless: traditional paper, various types of vinyl wallpaper, liquid, wallpaper for painting, silk-screen printing, metallized and foil wallpaper. This is not to mention the shades, colors, patterns and degree of relief. Understand in such a huge range of people far from the construction is almost impossible, so the overhaul of turnkey apartments is the business of professionals and specialists in the field of design, finishing and construction works. LVOV.NATASHAESCORT.COM/EN