Dining room furniture

In Russia, before the revolution, dining was a very important part of everyday life, but gradually it lost its meaning. In our time, the role of the dining room has increased again.

The best option is when the dining room is located separately from the other rooms in the house.

 And here it is very important to think over its interior to the smallest detail. Correctly pick up the furniture so that its dimensions match the area of ​​the room.

Often, modern style provides for connecting in one room a kitchen and a dining room, or a living room and a dining room. This approach saves space, especially if you do not have too many rooms. For a clearer distribution of the functions of the connected two rooms, install a small mobile partition. You can also distribute the room zones in another way, for example, by using color solutions. Just remember that in the dining room it is better to use softer and more muted colors.

The main attributes of each dining room are chairs and a table. It depends on them in what style this room will be decorated. The main aspect in the selection of the table is its convenience, while its height should not be more than 72 cm But its form is completely dependent on your desire. Please note when buying a table, and on his legs.

 In some cases, a more practical purchase will be a transforming table. It does not take up much space, but at the same time, if the need arises, it can be made higher or larger.

Classic models of tables are made of wood. But today, most people prefer tables tops, which are made of glass, and the legs are made of metal. Look good tables in which an unusual combination of wood and glass.

Also a lot of important to choose the right and chairs. Previously held the opinion that the table and chairs should look like one set. However, modern approaches to interior design allow you to deviate from these norms, and a variety of combinations are allowed. Sometimes the chairs in the same headset differ in form. The main requirement for dining room furniture is its quality, convenience and, of course, functionality. But the conformity of fashion, should be in last place.

To create a harmonious atmosphere in the dining room, it is important to choose other elements, such as a dining set. But the main thing is that the whole family should have a nice and cozy time at dinner. porn