Chronic pancreatitis - tips on how to gain weight

It's no secret that people suffering from chronic pancreatitis, often have problems with weight gain. For example, with the long-term progression of this disease, various digestive problems and the assimilation of essential nutrients are often detected. Thus, this situation leads to the fact that patients begin to lose weight, not fully understanding how to normalize it afterwards. Let us consider this issue in more detail.

Chronic pancreatitis: Is it possible to stop weight loss?

It is believed that with this pathology, the process of weight loss can be stopped, as a rule, by correctly prescribing the required dosage of the dose of pancreatin, which later compensates for the deficiency of digestive enzymes. It is also recommended to give the choice of enzyme double-shell drugs that can normalize digestion.

At the same time, one should not ignore the concomitant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the treatment of which must be carried out with the help of a diet. For this you need:

1. Frequent meals in small portions, ideally up to six meals per day.

2. Do not ignore the banned products, since they are likely to cause exacerbation of the disease.

3. Do not eat hot or cold food through the mind. The ideal temperature at which the enzymes remain active is +370 C, which will allow the maximum amount of nutrients to be absorbed.

4. Carefully chew any food, even if it is pureed vegetable soup.

5. Do not wash down food with liquid. For example, an ordinary glass of water or compote after lunch will interfere with the process of digesting the enzymes of your food. Thus, it is recommended to drink water no sooner than a few hours after eating.
Tips for weight stabilization: key points

1. Include in your diet baby food. It can be both various porridges, and meat mashed potatoes, which are recommended to be used in small portions. Thus, your body will be able to assimilate the necessary enzymes, which will further contribute to weight gain.

2. Contact a qualified nutritionist. It is recommended to find a competent specialist who can simulate your diet, taking into account your energy costs, as well as calculate the necessary daily rate of protein and carbohydrates with fats.
In addition, he should provide recommendations about the features of controlling their quantity in the products that your menu will consist of. Thus, your gastroenterologist will be able to quickly select the most appropriate dose of enzymes.

3. Purchase a kitchen scale. As a rule, they are recommended to those who already lose weight for a certain control of servings. However, in this situation, they are also effective, since they will accurately, rather than at random, determine the number of necessary enzymes per portion eaten. Professional licensed plumber in Moreno Valley CA