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Why a logo is a corporate identity worth developing with us.The development of corporate identity in "TITLE" begins with a detailed analysis of the customer's brief: current niche and market goal, target audience, competitive environment, unique selling proposition, advantages and disadvantages of the product portfolio - if you did not specify all this and much more when setting the task, wewe will analyze it together with you and reflect it in the brief.We know how to listen and hear.A team of designers and copywriters takes part in the development of the corporate identity.When we say "we work until we win", we do not mean starvation of the customer with the sole purpose of making a post-payment and signing certificates of completion.Together with the customer, we are moving towards the goal, working out several solutions, using various approaches.Experience is a great power.

We have it.We are creative, but our inexhaustible stream of creativity goes through a tough filter of the goals of each project.And if one of our visual solutions does not fulfill the purpose of the brand and does not reflect its essence, we do not impose it.Point 6, which does not apply to objective argumentation: sounds naive, but we sincerely love our work and projects that you trust us.Logo.How to choose an agency?What an interesting thing it turns out to be - I know exactly how much it should cost to develop a logo and corporate identity in our studio.Being engaged in pricing, I do not take a single cost from the ceiling.Everything is clear: cost, earnings, profitability, timing - everything is taken into account.But the question is: "Do all agencies form the cost of this service in this way? Why is there such a jump in the price of logo and corporate identity development on the market?"Not everyone is ready to accept the fact that services, like the finished product, have different prices in the same category.The answer is simple - value for money.When you buy sausage, it is clear that the one that is more expensive contains better quality ingredients.Why is it not obvious about such services as logo design or corporate identity creation?When a potential client makes a request to develop a logo and corporate identity for a company, he must understand what an important step this is, and that he will live with this corporate identity for the next few years, enter the market to the consumer and take a place among competitors.

That a well-developed corporate symbolism will help him become recognizable and rightfully take the appropriate status.And if it is a trademark and corporate identity of finished product packaging, then this will significantly affect sales.This means that he must be aware of the responsibility he places on the studio, which he plans to entrust with the development of the logo, and, accordingly, at the time of the transaction, have a certain amount of trust in the developer company.Then the following question arises: “How do tenders help to replenish the baggage of trust in the agency?” The answer is obvious: “No way!”.No, of course, the brand manager of a large company needs to periodically make a cut in cost for a certain range of services ordered, as a rule, in several agencies and often over several years.Basically, this is, of course, for show, for reporting to a higher level, direct manager, or for planning a budget for the next time period, but you can’t be guided by the minimum cost based on the results of the tender when choosing a contractor for such an important step as developing a logo, corporate identity or trademark...Dear consumer, build your baggage of trust not from cost, get to know the studio better, if you liked the works provided on its website, talk to managers, management, learn more about the agency's work processes.Logo creation is a collaborative, very painstaking work.We do not create your corporate identity, we help it to find the form in which you already, having come to us, feel yourself. official statement