COVID-19 Business Reopening Plan - 3/2/2021 Update:
After many months of sitting on the sidelines, we're excited to be reopening our California Sports Parks soon for adult softball and youth leagues. League priority and team credits will be given to the teams playing when the parks shut down due to the pandemic. Start dates are TBD but are in the works. For more information, please check out your local park's website.

Curious about our COVID-19 preparedness and safety plan? Click here to read more on how we plan to keep our players, patrons and staff safe.

Big League Dreams Sports Parks

BLD Advertising Difference - Big League Dreams

BLD Advertising Difference - Big League Dreams

At Big League Dreams we have various advertising arrangements geared towards making a direct impact for you and your company. Our "DIFFERENCE" in advertising is based on the following...

We Are Great to Work With: The agency for a major sponsor wrote us saying, "What particularly impressed me about the Big League Dreams organization is your willingness to deliver promotional campaigns and your commitment to (our) success. You and your team are willing to meet my clients’ requests and deliver exceptional customer service."

We Associate You With Excellence: Welcome to the Big Leagues. We were named, "Best Recreational Sports Complex in America" twice in five years. We were the, "Business of the Year," and "Best Private/Public Partnership of the Year" according to the League of California Cities.

We Give You Emotional Ties to America's Favorite Pastime: Advertisers can cash in on the many powerful emotions associated baseball's traditions. Our championship softball-sized fields with designs inspired by America's most beloved ballparks are among the main reasons players and fans are attracted to Big League Dreams Sports Parks in such large numbers.

Our Audience is Tightly Defined: League and tournament players are 85% of our paid attendance (over 3 million people/year). You do not have to guess if your message will resonate with a random spectator crowd. Our players register to participate in events. We can specifically tell sponsors and advertisers if our crowds are a fit for their marketing objectives BEFORE contracts are signed. With reasonable notice, we can gather custom demographic information for sponsors.

We Help You Target Your Message: We help sponsors design on-site interactions we know our players will like. You do not need to rely on generic strategies. We can help you customize your offer, demonstrations or other interactions specifically for a predictable crowd. What you present to an out-of-town youth travel-ball tournament crowd, for example, does not need to be the same as your strategy for local, adult, weeknight league players.

Our Web Access is Huge: received 1,624,975 "Hits" in one month. Most were looking for places to play, their team standing or schedule. They come back to the site frequently. Are you looking for an uncluttered place to discover new customers? Enhance your sports property and event sponsorship campaign with web advertising.

Interactive Opportunities are Frequent and Personal: Our reach is broad AND deep. We can introduce you to hundreds of thousands of different players. Most of them are at one or more of our parks many times throughout the year. More than a few play several times each week on different teams. You have many opportunities to make friends, earn trust, close your sale and be sure they stay happy with your product of service.

We Make Long-Lasting Impressions for You: Big League Dreams players do not rush home after the game. They spend a lot of time at the park after they play watching other games, in the Stadium Club Restaurant or otherwise enjoying the park. Advertising impressions are made the entire time.

We Strengthen Brand Loyalty: Our players and fans are brand-loyal to companies that help give them the chance to live their big league fantasy. In fact, 84% say they would buy a sponsor’s products or services in preference to equally valued alternatives on the market.

We Help You Make Relevant Offerings: Consider what a florist told us about advertising at one of our parks: "We didn't sell flowers at Big League Dreams. We sold "get out of jail free" offerings to players who had to choose between their game and an anniversary dinner.

There are Almost Endless Promotion and Activation Options:

• Sponsor a customer appreciation night with a chance to meet celebrity players (we know plenty of them - some are on our payroll).

• Advertise a "your company" night at Big League Dreams in local media. Give them a reason to meet you at the community's favorite gathering place - a contest, getting a sneak peak at your newest and greatest thing - or ???.

• Honor division champions. There are dozens every season throughout the year. Offer what fits your budget.

• Reward home-run hitters or other achievements.

• Sign-up whole teams for a chance to win something.

• Use contests to strengthen your customer management strategy.

• Pass out coupons our players can redeem at your points of sale or service. (There are also ways we can do this for you.)

• Print your message on food receipts from our on-site restaurants.

• Give away batting cage time for a visit to your point of sale.

• Host a skills clinic.

• Showcase your product.

• Recruit product diplomats for word-of-mouth endorsements (we know who players respect).

• Survey customer preferences. Ask what else we can help you do. Players hang-out at their "country club" after their games. Is there a better

We Are Different: In this economy don't just cut back on what you did last year. Try something new. Don't waste money for a small share of what everyone else is going after. Side-step the clutter. Own the whole market at Big League Dreams.

We are Not a "One Size Fits All" Option: Sponsorship packages are custom-designed based on your objectives and how you plan to measure ROI. What we do for a commercial landscaping company is very different than the package we offer a car dealership. Tell us what you need. We can either deliver what you want or we can't. Why not ask?

We Invite You to Sell Your Product or Services to Us: Do we or could we use something you sell? If so, being the "official" product or service of Big League Dreams is a no-brainer, isn't it? Barter options might work for both of us in some cases.

We Share Strong Community Ties: Big League Dreams Sports Parks are neighborhood gathering places. Someone once said, "The ballpark is an expression of the involvement of a community in the life and passion of the time." Local businesses can stake their claim to those emotions as an alternative to what everyone else is doing.

We Give You Creative Ways to Demonstrate Social Responsibility: Big League Dreams is a model private/public partnership sharing recreation profits with our city partners so they can focus on essential services. Maybe some day you can sponsor local police and fire departments or name a pot-hole patch after your company. Today you can sponsor family recreation.

We Make Social Networking Easy: Military recruiters told us they got more qualified leads from playing in our leagues and hanging out after their games than from passing-outs flyers. Does that give you any ideas? P.S. If you don't have a company team, we can find one for you.

We Offer Direct Access: We don't share personal information without player's permission but we can help you think of ways to motivate whole teams to sign-up for something you offer. The more your offering relates to their passions the easier that is.

We Are an Investment not Intrusion: Players see advertising as an investment in their active life-style, not as an intrusion, distraction or blight on the landscape. Many "green-minded" people now days resent billboard advertising on their highways. Playing on ball fields that look like their favorite pro stadium on the other hand is cool.

We Offer Chances to Take Advantage of Team Culture: Teams wear the same uniforms, practice the same skills and idealize the same sports heroes. Can you think of a better place to convince a whole team to make the same buying decisions? Is it hard to imagine being THE team preference among Big League Dreams players?.


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