Bird love

The village boy Vladik loved to walk in the woods. The boy knew every bush in the forest. He watched wildlife every day. In the summer and fall he walked around berries and mushrooms. And in the winter I went skiing along the forest.

 Once, on a birch, a boy saw a turtle dove nest. In it was a bird whose wing was broken. The female could not fly and constantly sat in her house. Sometimes she came out of it and walked along the branches. Caring male brought food and fed his beloved. He courted his beloved daily.

Vladik felt sorry for the bird. The boy brought food from home and offered it to the female. But the wing did not heal well. In the fall, the birds could not fly to warm countries. Cuddling, to each other, lovers of turtle doves basked in the nest. They caused pity in the boy's heart. The boy took the bird from the nest, despite the fact that the male resisted. He vainly beat his beloved. Arriving home, the boy told all the parents. And they invited a doctor.

The vet confirmed the boy's concerns about the health of the bird. The family took care of the birdie at home. And the faithful male built a nest near the house of the boy and settled in it. Vlad fed both birds equally, cared for them. The male endured separation very hard, he suffered without his beloved. The boy had to show the female in order for the pigeon to calm down.

Vladik's father was able to build a warm house for the male. Due to this, the bird does not freeze in winter. The whole period of cold weather, the boy cared for birds, the female's wing slowly healed. And the male is used to people. He no longer kicked when they brought him food.

Spring has come and the birds need to be released. The female was confident. A joyful male flew up to the female. Turtle doves lively soared in the air. They were pleased with this turn of events. After all, they are now together. Their love helped them survive. The birds were happy. Yes, and it is time to hatch eggs. After a while, Peter noticed the nest. In it was the same turtle dove, which he helped to survive. The female hatched eggs, and the male brought her food. Soon the chicks hatched.

Parents of the boy rejoiced with his son. Help birds helped them to breed healthy offspring. Time passed, the chicks grew up. Turtle doves were caring parents. They taught their children everything they knew. Life went on as usual. In autumnal chillies, the turtle doves flew south. This time they did it.

 In the spring, the bird family returned and settled near the house of Vlad. They liked this place. The male was always nearby, and the female was engaged in breeding a new offspring. The boy continued to rejoice in the gifts of nature and helped the weak animals. The boy grew up a great vet.