Suriname attractions and basic information

Suriname is a little neglected, for many people it is not a very famous coastal state, which is located in South America and whose shores are washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Little is written about him, since he is in the shadow of his larger and more famous neighbors - Brazil, Guyana and French Guiana. Yet this country has a lot to offer. There are rainforests on the north coast of the sea and in the south. Nature lovers will be here in paradise. However, fans of UNESCO sites and modern cities will also be delighted. Since Suriname was a Dutch colony until 1975, you will feel a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere at every corner. Especially in the capital of Paramaribo, which resembles part of Amsterdam and part of the Indian market.

What you need to know about Suriname
• Half of the population of Suriname lives in the capital of Paramaribo.
• Suriname is a secret football superpower. Many star players from the Dutch team hail from Suriname.
• The official language is Dutch. Today, these two countries have very warm relations. Amsterdam is the only European city with a direct connection with Suriname. Conversely, one of the few embassies of Suriname is located in Amsterdam.
• Paramaribo is one of the 5 most beautiful cities in South America.

Suriname Attractions
Central Surinamese Nature Reserve
Due to its diverse biodiversity, which covers more than 16,000 km 2, this nature reserve is under the auspices of UNESCO. The park is known as the largest uninhabited forest in the world, which still hides unique treasures in the form of plants and animals. If you are not impressed by the exotic flora and fauna, then the granite hills that rise above the forest, of course, yes! The most famous granite monolith is called Wolzberg and reaches a height of 245 meters. No less famous peaks frequented by tourists are the Julian peaks (1230 m), which are also the highest mountain in Suriname or Table Mountain (1026 m).

Coppename is a huge and beautiful river that has broken through rainforests and mountainous areas. Bailey Bridge is an ideal place to relax in the lap of nature and watch the river. Along the river you can simply walk, go fishing or enjoy the breathtaking surroundings of the river from a tourist boat. Swimming on such a big and big river is an unforgettable experience. If you visit the mouth of the river, you will see endangered manatees who have found their home here. Официальный сайт казино 777 мобильная версия скачать бесплатно