Demand for Viagra among men

Demand for Viagra among men in UK began to rise soon after its initial launching in 1998. Even before its arrival in the UK, Viagra was being asked for by hundreds of men in UK. One implication of this demand was the increasing openness among men in speaking of their impotence and concern about seeking treatment.
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Viagra Pills among UK men
An interesting report, few years back, revealed that British men use to have sex frequently so that their demand for Viagra is higher than that recommended by the National Health Service (NHS) in UK. NHS recommended one over the counter viagra substitute a week for men between age twenty and forty four. Researchers found that this is not enough for many British men.

Supply of Viagra in UK
Pfizer Inc, the American Viagra preparing company, launched its office in UK and soon faced a restriction policy on Viagra prescriptions to all by the UK government. Pfizer went to court to make the drug widely available but was unsuccessful.
Impotence in UK
It has been estimated that some 2.3 million men in UK experience impotence. Out of these only 10 % receive treatment for impotence.
Viagra Versus Other Drugs
Besides Viagra, two other anti-impotence drugs, Eli Lilly & Co.'s Cialis and Levitra from Bayer AG and GlaxoSmithKline, are commonly used in Britain. All the drugs are similarly priced for a pack of four tablets. Today, medical specialists in UK frequently recommend Viagra for treating impotence. However, supply of prescription drugs, is based on medical approval after on-line medical questionnaire and consultation supervised by Doctors and Physicians.