All about betting sites in Sweden

Betting, or betting on sports, has been a big part of watching sports in Sweden for several decades. It has been possible to bet on which teams will win the SHL, Allsvenskan and Damallsvenskan since its early beginnings. Most seasons, there have also been one or more Scanian teams to choose from.

Sports betting became more affordable in the 2010s thanks to the development of mobile phones. More gaming companies were launched in 2019. The newly regulated gaming market now allows new players to offer bets and casino games if they have been granted a license. But overseas gaming companies, you can browse on the site, provide players with more choices than ever before, and in order to find a suitable overseas gaming company, you need to take a closer look at what is on offer.

Pure sports site or an extensive online casino

The range is the first thing a player usually looks at. Does the selected betting site offer the sports betting that is sought, and what other betting options are there? Because there are so many different gaming companies, there are different offerings. Where some niche themselves only in sports games or casino games, others have a wider range of games in all categories.

One way to check how sports-oriented a gaming company is by seeing what forms of betting they offer. The most common forms of betting are long-term bets and match odds. Long-term betting is on which teams win a league or a championship, while match odds are a bet on which wins a match. Ahead of the upcoming football season, there are two Scanian teams that are pre-favorites in the Allsvenskan.

On the women's side, it is FC RosengÄrd, who won the league this year, and on the men's side, it is Malmö FF, which has taken the most Allsvenskan victories of all Swedish clubs. Sports betting-oriented betting companies offer several other forms of betting, such as how many goals are scored during an entire match, exact results and special bets such as who wins a shooter.

Control over deposit and registration

If the offer at a gaming company matches a player's wishes, the next step will be to look at the fine print. How are deposits and withdrawals made, how does the registration work and are there any special conditions that must be met?

There are usually several payment methods to choose from. It is possible to make deposits with cards, e-wallets and in some cases, through payment services such as Swish and Trustly. However, some online casinos may have deposit limits and this can sometimes mean that the deposit will be larger than the player actually intended. With a little extra searching, it is possible to find casino low deposit. These accept deposits that are as low as SEK 5, 10 or 50. The advantages of these casinos are that the player can really choose how much he wants to deposit. It contributes to increased control over the game amount, which is also regulated according to the deposit limit that the player has stated when registering.

In addition to the payment methods, players may need to check whether the registration takes place in the traditional way or through the so-called pay n play system. It allows players to log in via their social security number and bankID, thus removing the need for a username and password.

After players have gone through the range of gaming companies and found a suitable player, it is possible to place a bet. Several Scanian teams have favorable odds of winning in their respective leagues and we wish them, like all bettors, good luck!